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Edition 2021

Unfortunately no 32nd edition in 2021. Just like in 2020, no regular International Marveld Tournament took place due to the coronavirus.

We did start organising a regular Marveld Tournament in 2021 in the autumn of 2020, in the winter we had cancelled the teams that had to fly by only going for teams that came by bus, but in February 2021 we had to cancel that as well. From then on we went for a LITE version of the tournament. Back to basics with at first only 6 teams from the Netherlands, supplemented with a team from Belgium and Germany. But early May 2021 we had to decide not to hold an International Marveld Tournament Lite this year. The relaxations announced at that time for the outdoor sports were not enough or came just too late (e.g. the teams being allowed to travel again and the limited number of spectators) and also the last straw, consultation with the Open Netherlands Foundation for the possible holding of an Access Test Event, did not lead to an opening.

Of course, this was a huge disappointment, especially considering all the preparations we had already made. We have done everything to give it a chance of success. The tournament format was adjusted, the facilities made coronaproof, the script rewritten, sponsors determined, consultation with sponsors and volunteers, several discussions held with the KNVB, NOC / NSF, Municipality of Oost Gelre and Foundation Open Netherlands. We postponed the decision as long as possible. The situation concerning Covid 19 was such that a commitment to activities early June 2021 was not possible. Unfortunately, therefore, also in 2021 no TOP youth football tournament at Den Elshof.

What would the LITE version look like?

date: saturday 6 and sunday 7 June 2021 (back from 3 to 2 days event)
participating teams: 8 instead of 12 teams: Grol, Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, AZ, FC Twente, Bayer Leverkusen and RSC Anderlecht


  • For the LITE version, we approached our financial sponsors and asked them to support the tournament, even if it is not the full sponsorship amount. The reactions to this were extremely positive. Within a month the adjusted budget was covered. Also main sponsor Marveld Recreatie was very positive, as well as many material sponsors. Here too, the reactions were extremely positive and enthusiastic. People thought along and made suggestions.
  • The teams, the arbitration, the volunteers, the sponsors and all other sympathisers were (partly personally) kept informed by the board members about the developments and finally also informed about the cancellation of the tournament. This was received very positively.
  • The balloon trip with the 2019 winners will be held until April – May 2022.
  • Grol / Commercial Team and International Marveld Tournament have delivered a drinks package to all its sponsors. This as a thank you for the support last season, but especially to invite them to the digital sponsor evening on Thursday, June 3.
  • On Thursday, June 3, there was an online sponsor evening in our own sports café with the title GROL INSIDE, with beautiful and interesting guests, including Bert van Oostveen, Hans Martijn Ostendorp, Raymond van Meenen, Elco Rouwmaat, Luc Domhoff, Barry Janssen and Jos Heutinck. This evening therefore offered something for everyone. The evening ended with a humorous contribution by Sam de Vries. The host was Eddy van de Ley.
  • This evening was organized by Grol c.q. the Commercial Team in cooperation with the International Marveldtoernooi. The broadcast was open to everyone.
  • New in this LITE version would be that we would work with VAR on the main field. This was at the request of the KNVB (training of young talented referees). Dennis Higler would also contribute to this.
  • This tournament would be the last for Ellen Simmelink. At her own request, she stopped. She had been a board member since 2004 and was responsible for PR, the programme book and during the tournament she was the announcer. We have said goodbye to her in an appropriate way.

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