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Tournament regulations 2024

Program and intention of the match
The matches are played in accordance with the regulations and conditions of the FIFA and the KNVB (Dutch Football Association) extended with the rules mentioned in these tournament regulations. The decisions of the referees are binding; protests will not be accepted. 

Every club has to submit, before their first game (before Friday 3pm), to the tournament administration, a players list, containing Christian-surname, name, the date of birth and the personal shirt number of every player.  

Together with the players list copies of passport or identity card of all players have to be submitted. 

The program will be completed in accordance with the mentioned times. The teams who are not present 5 minutes after the beginning of a match, will lose that match with 2 – 0. 

There are 2 groups of 6 teams each. Each group plays half a competition. The ranking in the group is determined by the highest number of points. If two or more teams are equal on points in the completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the ranking: 

a) higher number of points obtained in the matches played amongst the teams in question
b) superior goal difference from the matches played amongst the teams in question
c) superior goal difference from all the group matches played
d) higher number of goals scored in all the group matches played
e) fewest fair play penalty points (yellow card: 1 penalty point, indirect red card (2x yellow): 3 penalty points, direct red card: 4 penalty points)
f) and if that is also equal, then penalties will be taken. Therefore the normal regulations of the KNVB are in force. 

The numbers 1 and 2 of each group go to the cross finals. The losers of these cross finals play the classification game for the 3rd / 4th position. The winners go to the final.
The numbers 3 and 4 of each group also play cross finals. The losers of these cross finals play the classification game for the 7th / 8th position. The winners play the classification game for the 5th / 6th position.
The numbers 5 and 6 of each group also play cross finals. The losers of these cross finals play the classification game for the 11th / 12th position. The winners play the classification game for the 9th / 10th position. 

If there is an equal score in the classification games for the 3rd to the 12th position, as well as in the cross finals and the finals, we will immediately start to take penalty shots.

All group games, as well as the cross finals and the final, last 2 x 20 minutes. The classification games for the 5th to the 12th position last 2 x 15 minutes. 

The first mentioned club in the match program will start to defend the goal on the side of the changing rooms 3 – 9 (schedule sports parc) and will kick off. 

The Fairplay Cup will be presented to the most sportive team of the tournament. The team behavior during the games, but also around the playing fields, will be taken into account.  

Replacement of players
Per match a replacement of 5 players and 1 keeper is permitted. They have to be changed in accordance with the rules of KNVB/FIFA. Thus only after approval of the referee and only from the middle line.

Maximum number of replacement instants per game is 3 plus the break.

At each replacement instant, a replacement form must be completed and handed in to the 4th official.

Players which have been taken out of the game, cannot be substituted back into the game.

Each team is permitted to have a maximum of 20 players playing during the tournament. 

Age category
The tournament is meant for youth players born on or after 01-01-2009 (U.15)

Each team is allowed to include a maximum of 2 dispensation players to the team. This concerns players born in 2008 with a certificate from the national football association that they are allowed to play in the 2009 competition based on their biological age. The application of dispensation players must be made known no later than 2 weeks before the start of the tournament, including passing on the name in question and handing over the proof.

Before the beginning of the FINAL on Sunday, the players of both teams will be introduced to the audience. Please follow the instructions of the organization very strictly. 

Players uniforms
Every team has to bring a home and an away kit. The team first mentioned in the match program will be designated the home team and will, when necessary, wear the away kit. 

One week prior to the tournament every team will send in pictures of their home and away kits. During the meeting with the team representatives, on Friday afternoon at 2 pm, the tournament committee will decide on the kits for the group games. Saturday afternoon, after the last group game, the tournament committee will decide on the kit choices for the games on Sunday. 

The substitute players must wear a different shirt on the bench as well as during their warm-up.

Punitive measure
When the referee issues a yellow card to a field player the 5 minutes rule will be applied. Goalkeepers are excluded from this rule. If in these 5 minutes a goal is scored AGAINST the punished player, then the player can re-enter the field again. 

A field player or goalkeeper, who receives his second yellow card during the course of the tournament, will be suspended for the following game. The same happens when receiving a fourth yellow card. 

A field player or goalkeeper who gets send of (twice yellow or once red) is automatically suspended for the following game.  

Yellow cards obtained during the group matches are NOT carried over to the cross finals, classification games and finals. 

All matches are led by a referee and two assistant referees. Furthermore, a 4th official will be present during all the games.  

The Head of Referee-affairs advises, if required, the tournament committee in all cases related to the performance of the referees and the assistant referees. 

In case of possible injuries and wounds, if desired, the co-operators of the medical staff of Grol can assist. They are located in the new medical room near the changing rooms 10 – 15. 

It is appreciated when teams take club pennons to exchange before the match. 

Before the beginning of each game the two teams make a joint entrance into the field from the corner near the changing rooms 10 – 15. 

The organizing club Grol is not responsible for general damage or theft. 

We request that everyone shows good sportsmanship and behaves with decorum in the clubhouse, sports hall, changing room and in and around the playing fields. 

If there are instances which are not mentioned in the tournament regulations, the tournament committee decides. 

The tournament committee assumes that all participants are aware of these regulations. If you have questions concerning the tournament regulations you can contact your team leader or the tournament committee.