Kid’s square

At the “Jumbo Bennink Kid’s square” there is again plenty to do for the young visitors of the tournament. You can have fun all weekend long on the bouncing castles, play panna tournaments on the football fields and take part in some organized interactive activities.

Attack Football: Have fun!

For many years, Attack Football has been responsible for a large part of the side events at the Marveld Tournament. Think of panna football, foot tennis, tie shooting and much more. We play short leagues, sprinkle with prizes and have fun! With everyone, because we are there for all ages. We even have our own fan base in Groenlo. Our motto: play smart, have fun. More information on the website of Attack Football.

Air cushions

Marveld Tournament 2019 - Air Cushion

There is never a lack of air cushions at the Marveld Tournament. There will again be several bouncing castles at the Kidssquare, at least one for each age category. The air cushions always guarantee hours of fun!

Univé Panna Arena

Marveld Tournament 2019 - Univé Panna Arena

Univé is one of the many sponsors at the Marveld Tournament. Every year they make a panna arena available, so that the youth can kick a ball during the tournament days. The panna arena is one of the inflatable arenas at the tournament!


Marveld Tournament 2019 - Lottary

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a lottary, where there will be great prizes to be won. Price per lot is € 0.50 and 6 lots for € 2,50. Support the Marveld Tournament by buying a lottery ticket and also have a chance to win some great prizes.

Rolugro Soccerboarding

Marveld Tournament 2019 - Rolugro Soccerboarding

The now infamous round panna arena with Rolugro’s hard boarding will also be on the Kidssquare again this year. Nothing is more fun for a football player to play football all day long and hand out panna’s to your friends!


Marveld Tournament 2019 - DJ's

On Saturday and Sunday there will again be a DJ present to entertain the audience with the latest music tracks between the matches. If there is a score on the main pitch, the DJ will enhance the party atmosphere, just like in a real football stadium!


Marveld Tournament - Stands

Various organisations will be present with a stand.

The activities will be supervised by enthusiastic freestyle footballers. Important tip: don’t forget to bring your football boots! As you can see, in addition to top-level youth football, there are plenty of other fun things to see and do during the Marveld Tournament.