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Marveld Tournament - Logo Grol

City: Groenlo
Country: Netherlands
Number of participations: 32x
Highest ranking: 8th place in 1992

Information: Grol’s own team is of course participating in the tournament again. They are participating for the 32nd time. The team consists of 2nd year U15-1 and 1st year U17-1 players. This was chosen to offer good resistance against the paid clubs. It is always a fantastic experience for these players. We wish the Grol team the best of luck!

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: Sander Nijhof, Max de Vries, Tim Peters, Mart Zieverink

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team Grol
1. Jurre Hemmink, 2. Jens Baks, 3. Jord Meekes, 4. Juup Ratering, 5. Teun Geelink, 6. Kas Krabbenborg, 7. Klaas Alten, 8. Sem van Beckhoven, 9. Youssef Hasan, 10. Nikki Meusert, 11. Joost Penterman, 12. Boet Ueffing, 13. Bas Kemkens, 14. Boet Schuurmans, 15. Noah Oosterholt, 16. Jesse Ebbers, 17. Ian Versteegen, 18. Quinten Wedel, 19. Max te Brake, 20. Youri van Uem