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FC Barcelona

Marveld Tournament - Logo FC Barcelona

City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Number of participations: 9x
Highest ranking: winner in 2005 and 2019

Information: FC Barcelona is coming to our tournament for the 9th time. With FC Barcelona we have once again brought in a top international player and of course we are very proud of that. Time and again they show that they belong to the European and global top with youth. In the final in 2022, FC Barcelona won with fantastic football 2 – 0 from VfL Wolfsburg, making them the last winner of our tournament. Will they manage to reach the final again? FC Barcelona were 3x winners of our tournament.

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: Jordi Alba, Giovanni Dos Santos, Fransisco Marida, Christian Tello, Iago Falque, Xavi Simons

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team FC Barcelona
1. Iker Rodriguez,2. Antonio Gomez, 3. Andrea Natali, 4. Nicolas Marcipar, 5. Juan Pablo Galbarro, 6. Pedro Rodriguez, 7. Samakou Nomoko, 8. Adam Argemí, 9. Antonio Fernandéz, 10. Pedro Fernandez, 11. Sidney So Jose, 12. Nil Teixidor, 13. Gerard Sala, 14. Alex Campos, 15. Pol Bernabeu, 16. Jaume Aghayedo, 17. Guillermo Fernandez, 18. Adrian Guerrero, 19. Rodrigo Barrios