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FC Twente / Heracles

Marveld Tournament - Logo FC Twente/Heracles

City: Enschede
Country: Netherlands
Number of participations: 23x
Highest ranking: 4th place in 2008

Information: FC Twente/Heracles is at our tournament for the 22nd time. FC Twente/Heracles represents the region and we are particularly pleased with that. FC Twente’s first selection is doing great and is competing for European tickets. FC Twente is hot in the the region and hopefully we will see the same at the Marveld Tournament. Can they cause a surprise?

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: Ramon Zomer, Wout Brama, Derk Boerrigter, Thomas Bruns, Ola John, Daan Rots, Mees Hilgers

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team FC Twente/Heracles
1. Jim den Ouden, 2. Kees Kamans, 3. Jip Meilink, 4. Koen Oosterhof, 5. Ruud Nijstad, 7. Rayan Taouil, 8. Rens Blankenvoort, 9. Delano Gelici, 10. Tarik Hamamioglu, 11. Sil Blokhuis, 12. Nigel Groenewald, 13. Owen Pot, 14. Carsten de Kinkelder, 15. Denzel Teganini, 16. Gennaro Esajas, 17. Siebe van Langen, 18. Luca Oude Luttikhuis, 19. Ferry Oude Lashof, 20. Nout Eertman, 21. Jayden Boddeman