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RSC Anderlecht

Marveld Tournament - Logo RSC Anderlecht

City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Number of participations: 7x
Highest ranking: 2nd place in 2016

Information: RSC Anderlecht is coming to the International Marveldtoernooi for the 7th time. The last time was in 2017. They achieved a very creditable 4th place. RSCA has a very strong youth academy with always one or two very good talents, and always comes eager to come to our tournament to compete with the European top. Another team to be reckoned with in 2023.

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: Leander Dendoncker

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team RSC Anderlecht
1. Kamiel Timmermans, 2. Jonathan Hungenaert, 3. Mohammed El Adfaoui, 4. Nunzio Engwanda-Ongena, 5. Tom Steenhaut,
6. Thomas Vervloet, 7. Jayden Onia Seke, 8. Alexander de Ridder, 9. Terry Van de Ven, 10. Gorak Ghale, 11. Gassimou Sylla,
12. Mohamed Abdellaoui, 13. Mattis Seghers, 14. Benoît Bekaert, 15. Joshua Bethume, 16. Hamedu Hassen Hussen, 17. Kylian Liema Olinga, 18. Mohamed Amine S Mahroug