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FC Schalke 04

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City: Gelsenkirchen
Country: Germany
Number of participations: 2x
Highest ranking: 5th place in 2006

Information: FC Schalke 04, the “Traditionsverein” from Germany, with a large fan base, is participating for the 3rd time. Last participation dates from 2006, when they finished in 5th place. The first team is fighting for class preservation in the Bundesliga. The youth teams consistently compete for the top spots. We are curious to see how they will perform in this strong field of participants.

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: Joel Matip

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team FC Schalke 04
1. Marcell Biskup, 2. Mohsen Rezai, 3. Jason Tang Enow, 4. Arda Oruc, 5. Noah Candir, 6. Arian Güzel, 7. Danell Luvambanu, 7. Samuel Sackey, 8. Julien Becker, 9. Luca Toni Schroer, 10. Alexander Ivankin, 11. Marlon Breuker, 12. Karol Golba, 13. Mika Brocks, 14. Amir El Abdouni, 15. Ehsan Rezai, 16. Lenart Haliti, 17. Ty Uchmann