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Marveld Tournament - Logo Palmeiras

City: São Paulo
Country: Brazilië
Number of participations: 1x
Highest ranking: n.v.t.

Information: NEW: Palmeiras is the one and only “newcomer” to the 33rd International Marveld Tournament. Palmeiras is one of the biggest and most successful clubs in Brazil. This club is regularly present with youth selections at International tournaments in Europe but is coming to Groenlo for the first time with the Under 15 team. They will combine the trip to Europe with participation in the Kevin de Bruyne cup in Belgium. This U15 team became champions in Brazil’s U14 category last season, then won the Libertadores U14 cup in Paraguay as well as winning a tournament in Orlando Florida. Will they also manage to win the Marveld tournament?

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: n/a

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team Palmeiras
1. Luiz Fernando Souza da Silva, 2. Lucas Quitzau Ribeiro, 3. Enzo Sernagiotto Lopes, 4. Luccas Ramon Gomes Ramos,
5. Guilherme Souza Giehl, 6. Derick Araujo Campos, 7. Wesley Lima de Sousa, 9. Fernando Gabriel Bertoldo C. da Silva, 10. Lucas Gabriel de Oliveira Lima, 11. Wesley Gabriel da Silva Trigueiro, 12. Lucas Gabriel de Oliveira Tavares, 13. Luis Felipe Pacheco da Costa, 14. Luiz Felipe Santana Gomes, 15. Yuri Henrique da Silva Alves, 16. João Gabriel Torres de Castro, 17. Nathan Freitas da Silva, 18. Wilker Araújo de Carvalho, 19. Eden Luiz Pompeu Reis