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Manchester United

Marveld Tournament - Logo Manchester United FC

City: Manchester
Country: England
Number of participations: 15x
Highest ranking: 2nd place in 2012

Information: This top club from England and one of the richest clubs in the world is already coming to Groenlo for the 15th time. The Marveld Tournament used to be a regular part of this famous academy. The first team is currently led by Erik ten Hag and is performing well. In 2016, they finished in 11th place. They are keen to put in a much better performance.

Famous players played at the Marveld Tournament: Danny Rose, Tom Cleverly, Danny Welbeck, Marcus Rashford

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Team Manchester United
1. Cameron Samuel Byrne-Hughes, 2. Jim Alec Joseph Thwaites, 3. Rory James Leech, 4. Jariyah Zain Shah, 5. Noah Ajayi,
6. Godwill Kukonki, 7. Albert Frederick Mills, 8. Neithan Dylan Benoliel Monteiro Barbosa, 9. Rafe McCormack, 10. Jay Paul McEvoy, 11. Majid Omobolaji Balogu-Ajisafe, 12. Bendito Boanova Mantato, 13. Zachary Watson, 14. Louie Jacob Kynaston-Bradbury, 15. Jacob James Fraser Watson, 16. Yuel Ghebreyesus Helafu, 17. Edward Ibrovic Fletcher