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Borussia Mönchengladbach proud to participate in Marveld Tournament

12 June 2022

Speaking to the Romanian-born head coach of the under 15s, Mihai Enache, pictured here with team coach Mohlin Walterbos.

“We are all here for the first time. We were invited to participate here as a replacement for Bayer Leverkusen. Of course, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. For me it was very clear that this is a nice season ending. I already knew this tournament because of a Dutch player who came to us via Ajax and Manchester United, Dilan Hogerwerf. And of course everyone knows the traditional tournaments. This is also one of them. We became champions in the West German division and won everything, most recently the cup final against MSV Duisburg last Wednesday.” The club has pontifically placed the announcement of this tournament on its website.

“This is a quality tournament of a very high level. We are playing a good tournament but one bad half against Odense costs us 2nd place in the pool. This immediately shows the level of the tournament!”

When asked what is paid attention to, he says: “What does a player do with the ball, without the ball, we look at the principle how he handles the ball and we have an intensive style of play also without the ball. Playing football from behind and the combination playing ability. At that age a number of things are also important: are they creative, self-confident and how is their ability to solve problems.”

He believes the match against Barcelona was indicative of the highlight of the tournament so far: “We were playing against a pass machine, hitting once or twice and against their positional play. Then it’s made very difficult for us to do anything against that, but in the end what we did was effective, so a draw.”