Best players

Best Player Marveld Tournament 2019: Ernest Poku
Ernest Poku of AZ Alkmaar best player 2019

Edition Player Club Country
2019 Ernest Poku AZ Netherlands
2018 Dillon Hoogewerf Ajax Netherlands
2017 Kamal Deen Sulemana Right to Dream Ghana Ghana
2016 Umaro Embalo SL Benfica Portugal
2015 Juan Familia Castillo Ajax Netherlands
2014 Armando Obispo PSV Netherlands
2013 Nacitamo Ikone Paris Saint -Germain France
2012 Abdelhak Nouri  Ajax Netherlands
2011 Jose Angel Pozo la Rosa Real Madrid Spain
2010  Tobias Christensen  Ajax  Netherlands
2009 Mirco Born FC Twente/Heracles Netherlands
2008 Dennis Dengering PSV Netherlands
2007 Elvio do Rosario PSV Netherlands
2006 Samuel Saiz Alonso Real Madrid Spain
2005 Iago Falque Silva FC Barcelona Spain
2004 Jordi Alba Ramos FC Barcelona Spain
2003 Rawley Roozendaal Ajax Netherlands
2002 Abu Keseroglu Bayer '04 Leverkusen Germany
2001 Kevin Sissing De Graafschap Netherlands
2000 Sezer Öztürk Bayer '04 Leverkusen Germany
1999 Martin Brady Celtic Glasgow Scotland
1998 Davide Pedrini Feyenoord Netherlands
1997 Steven de Lege Ajax Netherlands
1996 Leonardo Santiago Feyenoord Netherlands
1995 Perz Stawomir Lech Poznan Poland
1994 Marcel Meeuwis Willem II Netherlands
1993 Chettri Ober Feyenoord Netherlands
1992 Patrick Janssen NEC  Netherlands
1991 Frank Snijders PH Almelo Netherlands
1990 Not selected    


Video Compilation Marveld Tournament 2019 ready!

We had to wait for a while, but the video compilation of the 30th Marveld Tournament is ready!

Aftermovie 2019 by eDroneVideo

FC Barcelona wins the 30th International Marveld tournament

After a quiet start it quickly became really busy this Sunday, the day of finals at the International Marveld tournament, just like it was on the two previous days.

“We are looking for the player of the tournament!”

A broad committee, consisting of 8 members, is looking for the best player and best keeper of the tournament. This committee has to be wise since it is an extensive job to do!


A memory to be cherished by the sv Grol team. Grol – Atlético 1-0! Amazing, and although only an interim score, a great performance.

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