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Tournament of Great Importance for Player Development

4 June 2023

The last time FC Schalke 04 participated in the Marveldtoernooi was in 2006. They had heard stories about the tournament and its development and are now thrilled to be participating again. “The level of the matches is also fantastic,” says Bastian Naß, the co-trainer of U15. “The organization here is top-notch, and they really think of everything. Our coaching staff is also extremely impressed. Everyone who works here is fantastic. That’s why I really enjoy this tournament. It doesn’t matter who it is, everyone is very helpful!”

They could tell that FC Schalke is highly popular in the region. “A lot of young boys came to see our players and wanted to have their photos taken with them. Everyone knows that Schalke is a big club. Our boys are proud to play for it.”

The Marveld tournament holds great significance for the players’ development. “We have three to four young players with us. The competition on the pitch is intense, and they have to find solutions quickly. Physically, they have to work hard as well. It’s excellent for their development.”