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Relive the tournament once more!

15 June 2023

It has been almost two weeks since Palmeiras crowned itself the winner of the 33rd edition of the Marveld Tournament. It has been a wonderful edition with great matches at a high level. The opening match between FC Barcelona and Ajax immediately provided a great start to the tournament, with no shortage of public interest, partly thanks to the beautiful weather. We would like to thank all sponsors and volunteers once again! Enjoy one more time with the aftermovie below, produced by our sponsor eDroneVideo.

A large number of photos were also taken again this year by our photographers Marcel Houwer, René van den Mosselaar, Stefan Kempers, Sanne Waenink, Tije Rood, Jan Havekes and John and Jill Ligtenberg. These photos and also videos can be viewed via various channels:

Review sponsor evening!

A wonderful start of the 33rd Marveld Tournament, that was the sponsor evening of Grol and the International Marveld Tournament.

The almost 500 guests were offered a beautiful, varied and humourous evening. Check out the impression below, courtesy of Jip Oostendorp and Pablo Vriezen of GoldhouseMedia.