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Also NO Marveldtoernooi LITE

14 May 2021

After the regular version was cancelled in February, it was finally decided last week NOT to have an International Marveld Tournament LITE this year either.

The relaxations announced by the Dutch government last week for outdoor sports are not enough and also the last straw, the consultation with Foundation Open Nederland for the possible holding of an Access Test Event, has not led to an opening.

Marveld Tournament 2021 LITE Cancelled

We feel this is a huge disappointment, especially considering all the preparations we had already made. But we feel that we have done everything to give it a chance of success: we have adapted the tournament format, made the facilities Corona proof, re-written the script, determined sponsors, consulted with sponsors and volunteers, held several meetings with KNVB, NOC / NSF, Municipality of Oost Gelre and Foundation Open Netherlands, and postponed the decision as long as possible. Unfortunately, the developments regarding the Covid-19 virus are such that even now no commitment for activities in early June is possible.

So unfortunately no TOP level youth football tournament in early June in Groenlo.

Now we will focus on a smashing edition of the International Marveld Tournament in 2022. You can already note the dates: 10, 11 and 12 June 2022. Hopefully this can then take place in the usual format and we can organise another top youth football activity with high quality and enormous experience.

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