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Marveld Tournament: Sweet shop for scouts

11 June 2022

They sit brotherly next to each other, while beeing each other’s competitors at the same time: Erik Tammer, former professional from a.o. Ajax, Heerenveen and Sparta, nowadays international scout for Ajax, and Alex Stok from soc Gorré-management, do see a lot here. Enjoying it like a child in a sweet shop. They both find it an ideal tournament with a fine field of participants. “You always see something, good or bad, and everything is charted in a database,” says Tammer. Stok says he participates at the tournament for the 5th time. That he keeps coming back says enough: “This is the most beautiful tournament in the Netherlands with good volunteers and that should be said. For example, we brought Slavia Prague here.” At the same time, he refers to the general manager of Slavia Prague, who is only present in Groenlo tonight: Petr Hurich. He says he is here for the first time and is impressed. “For this age group it’s a nice moment to measure ourselves against the top of the Netherlands and other European top clubs. A nice challenge for them, because we became champions of the Czech Republic in this age group.”

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