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FC Barcelona wins 32nd edition International Marveldtoernooi

12 June 2022

When the national anthem of Germany and the anthem of FC Barcelona have sounded, the smallest pups of Grol, dressed in the shirts of all participating teams in the tournament, run off the field. Their task is done. It is up to ‘the big boys’. The final of the 32nd International Marveldtoernooi can begin. Behind the advertising boards and on the packed grandstand thousands of spectators are looking forward to the dessert of a delicious weekend of football for connoisseurs.

Take a look the aftermovie of the 32nd International Marveld Tournament here. Thanks to our sponsor eDroneVideo.

Patrick Kluivert

It is FC Barcelona that successfully defends the title and flies back to Catalonia with the big trophy again. In the final match, VfL Wolfsburg was defeated 2-0. A according to tournament chairman Marco Frank justified final of the two best teams in a strong field of 12 clubs. It was Patrick Kluivert who presented FC Barcelona with the trophy. He had already made this promise to the organisation on Friday. Kluivert stayed the whole weekend at the tournament as father of son Shane who is part of the Barcelona selection. “The tournament is really top notch in terms of organisation with the bungalows and the dining area within walking distance. How nice do you want it? It’s a pity we didn’t come to Groenlo with Ajax U-15, 30 years ago, because I’ve never been here myself. My son Justin was here though with the youth of Ajax and was very enthusiastic”. When asked by Frank if he is proud of his son Shane by winning the final, Patrick says that as far as he is concerned the team performance is more important. “I am especially proud of the team and I think it is important for players of this age to enjoy themselves.

Rayan Taouil

FC Twente/Heracles, one of the participants in the well-stocked tournament, appeared with Rayan Taouil from Groenlo, who was scouted at Grol. For him, the tournament is even more special. “I’m currently playing for FC Twente/Heracles U-14 and this year I get to participate for the first time. I think that’s super cool. I used to go and watch them and I’ve been a flag bearer before. It’s always been a dream of mine to take part here, I thought it would be great to play against top foreign clubs. I’m really glad that I can do it now with FC Twente/Heracles. I especially like playing here, because all my friends and family have come to watch. And Grol is my club, and Groenlo my town.

Satisfied feeling

As soon as the first players’ buses left the car park of Sportpark Den Elshof, tournament chairman Marco Frank looked back with a satisfied feeling on behalf of the entire organising committee. “It is a relief to be able to experience this again after three years. We have done it together again. Every volunteer radiates pleasure again. Everyone performs their tasks with a smile. And above all, it was a friendly tournament. On to the 2023 edition.”


Fair Play cup winner: Slavia Prague

Supporting player of Grol: Joost Penterman

Most valuable Grol player: Bart Wopereis

Best goalkeeper of the tournament: Lindsay Gutaj (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

Best player of the tournament: Killian Sauck (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

Top scorer of the tournament: Sami Bouhoudane (PSV) 6 goals

1. FC Barcelona

2. VfL Wolfsburg

3. PSV

4. Odense BK

5. Borussia Mönchengladbach

6. Slavia Prague

7. Red Bull Bragantino

8. Feyenoord

9. Ajax

10. FC Twente/Heracles

11. Grol

12. AZ