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Marveld Tournament on ESPN and Ajax TV

15 July 2022

During the past International Marveldtoernooi Ajax TV has filmed and followed their Ajax O15 team. A 22-minute mini-documentary was made of this: Win or Learn – On a journey with Ajax O15.

It was broadcast by ESPN last week and can now be viewed via Ajax’s media channels. “This mini-documentary offers a unique glimpse during an international tournament of a youth team of Ajax. We travel with Ajax O15 to the prestigious Marveldtoernooi in Groenlo. On the basis of interviews, dressing room images, alternative match images and emotions afterwards, a special glimpse is given into the experience of this tournament, by the talents and trainers of Ajax O15.”

Wonderful to see and great advertising for Grol, the Marveld Tournament, and everyone involved in the tournament.

Source: Youtube – AFC Ajax