Results & Standings

KRC Genk

City: Genk
Country: Belgium
Number of participations: 2x
Highest ranking: 8th place in 2016

Information: KRC Genk is participating in the International Marveld Tournament for the 2nd time. The last time was in 2016, when they achieved 8th place. KRC Genk has a strong youth academy and enjoys coming to our tournament to compete with the top European teams. In Belgium, they can face their rival RSC Anderlecht every year.

Famous players played at Marveld Tournament: n/a

Marveld Tournament 2024 - Team KRC Genk
1. Victor Hugo Debusschere, 2. Sami El Morabet, 3. Maxime Buekers, 4. Kobe Van den Broeck,
5. Mamadi Keita, 6. Ian-Confiance Muhire, 7. Yari Vanderhallen, 8. Jonathan Soye Ndime
9. Akif Avci Muhammed, 10. Jens De Groof, 11. Kiyan Achahbar, 12. Shakhmurat Dauletov,
13. Elie Mbavu, 14. Jelle Driessen, 15. Lander Borgers, 16. Rayan Cheriat, 17. Yannick Signe Ngongang, 18. Assil Saidi, 19. Adil El Ghaddouri, 20. Rune Reynders
Marveld Tournament - Logo KRC Genk