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Referees Lizzy van der Helm and Diana Snoeren

4 June 2023

“I can discuss refereeing with other referees here, and when we’re on the field, we aim to deliver a top performance.”

Right after the Leverkusen – Feyenoord match, which was excellently officiated by referee Lizzy van der Helm, I had a pleasant conversation with Lizzy and lines woman Diana Snoeren. These two women are among the top female referees in the Netherlands, who frequently work together internationally, and this weekend they showcased their skills at the Marveld Tournament. It quickly becomes apparent that they have different personalities. Lizzy is ambitious and outgoing, while Diana is calm and grounded. “That’s why we make a great team,” Lizzy points out.

This year marks Lizzy’s third time at the Marveld Tournament. “At the beginning of each season, I block the weekend of the Marveld Tournament in my calendar,” she laughs. Lizzy enjoys coming to the Marveld Tournament because it combines a friendly atmosphere with professionalism. “Here, I can discuss refereeing with other officials, and when we’re on the pitch, we strive to deliver a top performance. But apart from that, there’s also room for socializing.”

Diana, who is attending the Marveld Tournament for the first time, expresses her amazement at the excellent organization and the numerous volunteers involved in the tournament. “Moreover, the combination of enjoyment and performance is what makes this tournament very special.” Diana also mentions that she had a fantastic time and would love to come back next year.

Both of these remarkable women have experienced many memorable moments. Lizzy made her debut in the Women’s Champions League this year, officiating the match between Sparta Prague and Roma. “That was quite an exciting experience, especially with that anthem before the match. Yesterday, I was at the Women’s Champions League final, and someone asked me if it was my dream to referee the women’s Champions League final. It made me realize that it’s not just a dream but a goal. That’s what I want!” Lizzy shares with ambition. “Another highlight was officiating the women’s classic match between Feyenoord and Ajax at the Arena, with over 33,000 spectators,” Lizzy adds.

Diana takes her time to reflect on the highlights of her career, which speaks to her personality. “I simply love being a lineswoman. But if I had to choose, I’d say flagging the women’s cup finals. And perhaps the Marveld Tournament final will soon be added to that list,” as later today, Diana will be the assistant referee for the final, with Lizzy serving as the fourth official. Good luck, ladies!