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Happy birthday!

11 June 2022

Just imagine being invited to play in the Marveld International Tournament and then having birthday too. Double the party! One of the traditions that arose spontaneously at the tournament is that the ‘kitchen brigade’ comes to a full sports hall to congratulate you with all kinds of bells and whistles.

Chants, balloons and of course a cake with a candle to Laurin Perters and Karlo Simic VfL Wolfsburg. Of course, a healthy and modest cake and just a slice with an orange.

The festive and warm gesture is received with a smile every time, although the players concerned are also a little uncomfortable with the spotlight being shone on them in front of all the participants in the tournament. It is a foretaste and perhaps a step closer to a life in the spotlights for those who one day see their dream of living the life of a professional footballer and idol come true.