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Groenlo’s Debutante Ball

4 June 2023

For the players of the local SV, it is certainly a lot of fun to participate in this tournament, especially when it’s their first time. We spoke with debutants Cas Krabbenborg, Bas Kemkens, and Sem van Beckhoven to discuss their weekend and their experience. Each of them had their own role during the tournament, but they all agree that it has been an enjoyable experience. “It’s been really cool to be a part of it!”

On Thursday, they made preparations for the weekend, stocked up on supplies for their cottage, and, of course, made sure to have a PlayStation. For these boys, what could be better than playing football for three days, being with friends, and in the evenings, having some great gaming sessions on the PlayStation? Nothing, of course!

Aside from gaming, they also developed a good connection with the players from the FC Twente/Heracles academy. On Friday, the boys settled into their cottages. Bas and Sem are getting more excited, while Cas is mainly looking forward to it but feeling less nervous.

The tournament started excellently for Grol, scoring the first goal in the opening match and also securing a point against Bayer Leverkusen. This match was particularly memorable for Bas as he had the opportunity to start the game on the pitch. Cas and Sem share Bas’s sentiment that this was a great moment. As they formed a team throughout the weekend, they all agree that the absolute highlight was “stepping onto our own main pitch! When you look around and see no open spaces around the field, only people standing in front of your team, watching you play football!”

Overall, Bas, Cas, and Sem had a fantastic and educational weekend!