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Cody Gakpo vs. Christian Pulisic

2 December 2022

In 2013, they played together at the Marveld tournament. Tomorrow afternoon they will face each at 16:00 hours in the 1/8 final of the World Cup in Qatar. Cody Gakpo (Netherlands) and Christian Pulisic (USA) will compete with their teams tomorrow for a spot in the 1/4 final. The NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) wrote a nice article about it and during Team USA’s press conference with Pulisic, the tournament was also briefly mentioned.

Marveld Tournament 2013 - Team PSV
Cody Gakpo (sitting in the front, 5th of the left side) and Christian Pulisic (sitting in front, 1st of the right side) competing each other tomorrow aftyernooin in Al Rayyan