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Dress Choices and Fair Play

2 June 2023

Before the football spectacle kicks off on Friday evening, a final meeting takes place involving the organizers, referees, and team staff. Led by Karel van den Heuvel (pictured), the finishing touches are made. This includes deciding whether teams will wear their away or home kits for each match and discussing the yellow-card rule. In fact, when a player receives a yellow card, they must leave the pitch for five minutes. All of these decisions are made in good harmony among the teams.

In this 33rd edition, the tournament is delighted to welcome numerous (international) referees. Esteemed referees such as Lizzy van der Helm, Rob Dieperink, and Danny Makkelie will be present in Groenlo. The referees’ role goes beyond ensuring the smooth running of the matches. They also award points to the teams for the Fair Play Cup, ensuring that the atmosphere both on and off the pitch remains top-notch!