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“Das nächste Jahr sind wir wieder da!”

4 June 2023

They have been frequent participants since the beginning, Bayer 04 Leverkusen. They were the first German club to take part in the Marveld Tournament. “Traditionally, we have been here quite often. Not so much lately, but we are thrilled to be back again this year,” says Felix Eiting, the team’s leader. “And we would love to return here in the future as well.”

They consider it a fantastic tournament. Marvin Schmitz, assistant coach, says, “Football, which is the main focus, is top-notch, everything is excellent. The organization, the accommodations, the helpfulness of the people here, it’s all superb. It provides the best conditions to showcase good football.”

Unfortunately, they can’t be entirely satisfied with their own sporting achievements. “The boys have had a long season and they are tired. We’ve had some good games, but not always the results we had hoped for beforehand. Nonetheless, it’s still great for team building, especially since we have a few players who will be leaving our team, and we have brought along some future new players.”

The lineup of participants, including top international clubs, the overall organization, and the smooth proceedings: “Das macht Spaß!” (It’s fun!)