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Balcony Scene

3 June 2023

Rotterdam boasts its Coolsingel, while Amsterdam has its Leidseplein when it comes to celebrations. However, there is always the pinnacle: the steps of Groenlo Town Hall. It was on these steps that Grol’s flagship team was honored last Tuesday evening as champions in the 2nd Division H, upholding a cherished tradition. It is a truly unique place to stand. The Red Bull Bragantino team also took note of this. During their tour through the city center, their first stop was Albert Heijn Wallerbosch, sv Grol’s main sponsor, where they stocked up on chocolate due to its exorbitant prices in their home country of Brazil. The players marveled at the beauty of the old fortress town. Chief Medical Staff Edson Silva, having explored the area by bike, posed next to the Grol cannon and led the boys to the balcony for a photo. Could this have been a glimpse into a possible future tribute as tournament champions? Sunday night will reveal the answer. Regardless, this accomplishment will forever remain theirs!