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A Weekend Getaway in Your Own City

3 June 2023

Since the very first edition of the Marveld Tournament, the participating teams have been accommodated in the beautiful bungalows of the neighboring Marveld Recreatie. While the Grol players returned home on their bikes every evening to sleep, they eagerly looked forward to joining the other teams the next morning at the sports park. They would hear stories about the enjoyable time the other teams had in their bungalows and the fantastic subtropical swimming pool at Marveld Recreatie.

In recent years, Grol’s players and coaching staff have also had access to all the facilities offered by Marveld Recreatie. This ensures that they have the same tournament experience as the players from other participating teams. Each team is provided with a number of beautiful luxury bungalows, and Grol is no exception. In some of the Grol players’ kitchens, you can barely move without stumbling upon packs of delicious pastries and bags of chips. Needless to say, the atmosphere is lively and cheerful. For every player taking part in the tournament, it’s an experience they will never forget—a truly unforgettable weekend. “We may not be the favorites to win this tournament, but we’re going to give it our all and make it an incredible weekend,” one of the players shouts with determination. And, of course, a nice photo is a must. Coach Lars de Vries says, “Go and take a seat over there; you’ll get used to the bench!”