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33rd Marveld tournament one big football party

4 June 2023

The 33rd edition of the International Marveld Tournament goes into the books as one of the best attended editions. “On Friday evening we only had a few wristbands left and on Saturday we even had to switch to other tickets because we had run out. Sunday too was enormously busy and everyone enjoyed fantastic youth football and a fine atmosphere,” said a satisfied looking back Anne-Marie Elshof, on behalf of the Marveld board. “We can look back on a successful tournament in all respects. With all those 330 volunteers, we do our utmost to make sure everyone is happy, players, their coaches and visitors alike. We want to be a good host. Then when you get a lot of compliments back from teams, guests and visitors alike, as an organisation you can be incredibly happy about that, and immensely proud.”


The praise for the organisation is once again numerous this year. With a big smile, Rick Pabon, assistant coach at SE Palmeiras, talks about his experiences at the Marveld Tournament; “It’s not just the level of football the boys can learn from. Also adapting to other cultures, like the food is a great learning moment. This year we are combining the Marveld Tournament with the Kevin De Bruyne Cup in Belgium next week, but it certainly tastes like more here. Everything is well organised here, from the facilities on the pitch to the cottages at Marveld Recreatie. The cosy evenings of the tournament should certainly not be forgotten either. 

Top referee Danny Makkelie made his debut at the tournament. He too is full of praise. “It is a high-level tournament, both on and off the pitch. The organisation does an excellent job, everything is organised to perfection. The parking, the reception, the food, the stay at the park…fantastic! From the moment I arrived I was looked after perfectly by everyone. From the parking attendants to the people taking care of the food. Everyone deserves a big compliment!

Björn de Beer, PSV’s volunteer team manager, has been with the Brabant club for years. He, too, is full of praise. “One of the highlights every year, is this weekend,” he says. “We have been to tournaments in Vienna and in England this year, from the Premier League, but one of the best organised tournaments remains the Marveld tournament. The boys in the year below us are already looking forward to playing here next year. After so many years, this feels like coming home. Everything runs smoothly here, I respect all the volunteers.”

Rayan Taouil 

In this year’s FC Twente/Heracles team is Rayan Taouil from Groenlo. “The Marveld Tournament is really fantastic. Last year I also got to participate. This is the only tournament where we also stay overnight, which is really cool. Three days on the road with the whole team and playing against good opponents.” Rayan still feels very connected to Grol, the club where he was scouted. “I still come here a lot. Watching and playing football with my little brother and my nephews, and I also went to watch Grol 1’s championship match last week.”

Team Grol

“We are probably not going to win this tournament but we are going to sell our skin as dearly as we can and make it a top weekend.” So said a Grol player on Friday afternoon, prior to the tournament. Grol’s team finished in 1 place but nevertheless looks back on a very successful tournament. The Grol team also included the only participating girl at the tournament, Nikki Meusert. She stands her ground and is just ‘one of the guys’ in the team. It is her first Marveld tournament. “It’s a lot of fun. Of course I always watched it, and thought: if I’m ever going to participate in this… and now I’m here!”

I never wash my hands again!

The tournament could not be ruined for Grol U8-player Loek Steuber either, when he happily proclaimed on Friday evening prior to the opening match that he had received a high five from some Barcelona and Ajax players; “I will never wash my hands again.” Beforehand, the kits of participating clubs were distributed to the children. Several children wanted the Ajax jersey. So did Tygo Rootink, but he was awarded a Groltenue. Nevertheless, on reflection, he is happy: “Grol has become champion and Ajax has not!”

Winner Marveld Tournament 2023  

Palmeiras wins after penalties in final against FC Barcelona (2-2)

A number of awards are given out every year. 

Fairplay Cup:  Red Bull Bragantino 

Marveld Tournament 2022 - Fair Play Cup Red Bull Bragantino

Grol incentive Award: Jord Meekes

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Incentive Award Grol Jord Meekes

Most Valuable Player of Grol: Boet Ueffing

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Most Valuable Player Grol Boet Ueffing

Best Goaleeper:  Luiz Fernando Souza da Silva ( Palmeiras) 

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Best Goalkeeper Luiz Fernando Souza da Silva of Palmeiras

Best Player: Guillermo Fernandez ( FC Barcelona)  

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Best Player Guillermo Fernandez of FC Barcelona

Topscorer: Lucas Henrique de Oliveira Tavares (Palmeiras) with 8 goals

Marveld Tournament 2023 - Topscorer Lucas Henrique de Oliveira Tavares of Palmeiras

Final rankings
1. Palmeiras
2. FC Barcelona
3. RSC Anderlecht
4. Red Bull Bragantino
5. Ajax
6. PSV
7. Feyenoord
8. Bayer 04 Leverkusen
9. Manchester United
10. FC Twante/Heracles
11. Schalke 04
12 Grol