Sports accommodation info

Sportpark "Den Elshof" / s.v. Grol
Oude Winterswijkseweg 37
7141 DE Groenlo
Telephone: +31 544 - 461940


Bungalowpark Marveld Recreatie
Elshofweg 6
7141 DH Groenlo
Telephone: +31 544 - 466000

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Impressions of "Sportpark Den Elshof"

Fantastic 2020

The International Marveld Tournament committee wishes everyone a fantastic 2020. That it may become again a great soccer year, with lots of passion, beautiful actions, goals, saves, joy and emotion. And also a year where many talents from Europe and the rest of the World will show their skills at s.v. Grol in Groenlo. We invite everyone to come to our sports accommodation "Den Elshof" on 5, 6 and 7 June 2020.

Picture Collage 2019 ready

And also for the 2019 edition there is a beautiful picture collage available. Produced by our sponsor RingFoto Primeur. Well done. Has become a very nice one again. Thanks a lot.

Video Compilation Marveld Tournament 2019 ready!

We had to wait for a while, but the video compilation of the 30th Marveld Tournament is ready!

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