Side events 2019

During the 30th edition of the International Marveld Tournament a series of side events will be organized again at the "Jumbo Bennink Kids Square".

1. Attack Football

Also this year they will also be there at saturday and sunday! A complete Soccervillage will be built at the Kidssquare!




2. Air cushions

For the small children 3 air cushions will be there.

3. Univé Panna Arena

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be a Panna Arena, which is sponsored by Univé. Several tournaments for everyone will be organized.



4. Lottary

With nice prizes. 1 a lot 0.50 Euro, 6 lots 2,50 euro.

5. Rolugro Speedsoccer boarding

there also will be a Speedscoccer boarding arena on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sponsored by Rolugro.


Rolugro Soccerboarding


6. DJ

Whole Weekend  a DJ will give dozens of outstanding music performances. Together with the supporters he will try to create a real stadium atmosphere