“We are looking for the player of the tournament!”


A broad committee, consisting of 8 members, is looking for the best player and best keeper of the tournament. This committee has to be wise since it is an extensive job to do!

Two members of the committee tell us about the way they work: Gerry van Dongeren and Wim Nieuwenhuis, who have both been active as ‘scout’ at this tournament for many years. “We start on Friday night and watch the different matches independently from each other,” says Wim. “Every team and every player is observed. When a player stands out we make a note of it. At a certain point during Saturday we compare the scores we both gave to the players. As the tournament continues it usually becomes more and more clear.  as last year, when Dylan Hoogerwerf clearly stood out and was selected by both the public and by us as player of the tournament.”

“This year it’s a bit more difficult,” tells Gerry. “There are a number of likely candidates, but no one really stands out. This means we have to discuss among ourselves until the very last moment, sometimes even during the break in the final! And we might disagree with each other. For example, it was clear for us that Jordy Alba had to be named player of the tournament. However, he later had to leave Barcelona because they didn’t have enough confidence in him. Via a detour he returned to Barcelona, which had to pay a huge transfer sum to get him back. “It really is a snapshot that we’re taking”, Wim continues. “Because when players are not in great shape during that particular day, they do not perform that well and don’t stand out. Arjen Robben and Daily Blind were here in the past and weren’t named player of the tournament. But see what has become of them! It really is a snapshot, since players might continue developing themselves, but can also stagnate.” Besides player of the tournament there is also a prize for best keeper of the tournament: a member of the committee covers this exclusively.

The sv Grol has its very own ‘best player’ and ‘most promising player’. The scouts determine this alongside the staff of the team, but is also not impossible that a player from sv Grol will be selected as player of the tournament!