Marveld Tournament 2021


At the beginning of September, the management of the International Marveldtoernooi had a first meeting on the 32nd edition of the tournament.

Unfortunately, the 31st edition in 2020 could not take place, despite the advanced preparations, but the intention is to organise a tournament in 2021. We are well aware that the continuation of the tournament depends on a lot of factors. But we are going for it! Of course, taking into account the measures in place now, and probably also in 2021, with regard to the Corona virus. And, of course, also in close consultation with, among others, the mayor and city council of the Municipality of Oost Gelre, our sponsors/partners and the board of football club Grol. Health and safety comes first. We cannot look into the future, nor do we know what the situation will be like in June 2021. But for the time being the intention is to organise another fantastic tournament. The first teams are already invited. We hope for now that everyone is and remains healthy, so that we can hopefully see each other again on 4, 5 and 6 June 2021. In the meantime we will of course keep you informed of all the news.