Side events 2017

During the 28th edition of the International Marveld Tournament a series of side events will be organized again.



1. Fan Club Ajax
On Saturday and Sunday the fanclub of Ajax (district East) will be present with a stand and various soccer activities.

2. Air cushions
For the small children 2 air cushions will be there.


3. Univé Panna Arena
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be a Panna Arena, which is sponsored by Univé. Several tournaments for everyone will be organized.




4. Lottary
With nice prizes. 1 lot 0.50 Euro, 6 lots 2,50 euro.

5. Rolugro Speedsoccer boarding
there also will be a Speedscoccer boarding arena on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sponsored by Rolugro.

Rolugro Soccerboarding




6. DJ
Whole Weekend  a DJ will give dozens of outstanding music performances. Together with the supporters he will try to create a real stadium atmosphere

7. Make up
On Saturday and Sunday the little childeren will have the possibillity to transform in a dangerous tiger or a beautiful butterfly, than there will be some volunteers of the Marveld Tournament that can do some "make up".


Swing him off

8. Attack Football
Last year they were only there at sunday, but this year they will also be there at saturday! A complete Soccervillage will be built at the Kidssquare!
  • Attack Panna Arena;
  • Attack Footballtennis;
  • Attack Mini Footballcage (6x3 meter)
  • Attack Voetbal Aircushion (for the little footballfans, maximum age of 7 years);
  • Attack Speedshooting;
  • Attack "Tie Shooting" at an organge lion;
  • Attack Fly Guy;