Achterhoek Tournaments 2017

Within the "Achterhoek" (a region with a radius of about 30 km) a total of 6 international youth soccer tournaments on European level can be found. The organizing committees of these tournaments work closely together, improving the level for each individual tournament.

International Ten Brinke Bouw Tournament-Varsseveld
22nd edition
under 17
Sports accommodation Oberink, Varsseveld
8-9-10 June 2018

International Marveld tournament-Groenlo
29th edition
under 15
Sports accommodation Den Elshof, Groenlo
1-2-3 June 2018

Terborg tournament-Terborg
39th edition
under 19
Sports accommodation De Paasberg, Terborg
25-26-27 May 2018

International Karel Stegeman tournament-Ruurlo
34th edition
under 19
Sports accommodation 't Rikkelder, Ruurlo
19-20-21 May 2018

Seesing Tournament-Zieuwent
16th edition
under 12
Sports accommodation De Greune Weide, Zieuwent
19-20 May 2018


FC Zutphen Tournament-Zutphen
3th edition
under 13
Spors accommodation 't Meijerink, Zutphen
17-18-19 augustus 2018

International Wim Kuijper youth soccer tournament-Vorden
25th and last edition was held in 2015